Hive-side mentoring

Trying to determine if your hives are ready for winter?                                                Struggling to prevent swarming?                                                                                                Don’t know if you have a queen?                                                                                          Worrying that your hives have some disease?                                                               Wondering if you have enough honey to harvest?

Due to covid-19, I am not currently making in person hive side visits.  However, I am willing to mentor via FaceTime, skype, WhatsApp, etc. Email me ( to schedule a time and decide on the technology platform to use. At the scheduled time, you can be in your apiary showing me the situation in your hive (via your phone or tablet), and we can discuss possible causes of the problem and potential management approaches.

Rates: the usual $30 per half hour rate will apply.  There are no travel time or mileage costs!