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2017 Nucs for Sale

For 2017, I will have several kinds of nucs available, each consisting of five medium depth frames of adult bees, including three frames of brood of varied ages (all of which are offspring of your queen), as well as pollen and honey. You will take the nuc home in a waxed cardboard nuc box ($10 deposit), from which you can transfer it to an eight or ten frame medium depth box.

  • img_2440_2Overwintered nucs containing a locally raised (PA) 2016 queen, brood, pollen and honey. By definition “survivor” since it will have come through the 2016-2017 winter in PA, the five frame medium nuc has a queen raised from my local survivor stock, the queen mother having survived one to four years in SE PA. These nucs are more expensive due to my work caring for them in late summer, fall and winter. They will be available as soon as brood rearing is well underway and populations are increasing in spring, which is weather dependent. These will be the earliest nucs I have available, likely the end of March. $350
  • Nucs with 2017 Carniolan queens from Hawaii. Five frame medium nucs with Carniolan queens purchased from Hawaiian Queen ( Three frames of her brood, as well as nectar and pollen. Likely availability is the end of Apphoto nucsril. $155
  • Nucs with 2017 Carniolan queens from Northern California. Five frame medium nucs with Carniolan queens purchased from Koehnen and Sons Apiaries ( Three frames of her brood, as well as nectar and pollen. Likely availability is the end of May. $155
  • Nucs with my locally raised 2017 queens bred from local survivor mothers. Queen mothers may be of Italian, Carni, VSH or other desirable stock; all queen mothers have survived one to multiple winters here in SE PA. Five frames of bees, three frames of your queen’s brood, as well as nectar and pollen. Likely availability is June-July. $155

See the following sites for a discussion of the pros and cons of starting a colony with a nuc vs a package:

I am PA licensed (C2016-113, through October 12, 2017) to sell Queens and Nucleus colonies. As part of this program, my queen rearing apiaries are inspected by the PA Department of Agriculture twice a year, typically at the beginning and end of the active beekeeping season. I use no antibiotics in my beekeeping operations.

To get on the nuc list, go to my web site:

I do not take advance deposits, as I cannot guarantee availability in advance. Requests are honored on a first come, first served basis. Thank you for your interest!



I teach Introductory Beekeeping and Queen Rearing courses.                                                 For details, please see the “course” tab above.


Assembled medium frames for sale                                                       

Case of 20 assembled medium frames. Mann Lake #WW927                                     Assembled wooden frames with waxed Rite-Cell® foundation.                                          Unopened case; brand new! Buy now for Spring’s need! $50/case.                                Available in Blue Bell or at MCBA meeting in Creamery, PA                                              Contact Vince Aloyo



Observation Hive for Sale

Looking for an observation hive to take with you when speaking to school groups or at environmental events? Want to attract attention to your booth at a farmer’s market? Bring an observation hive! I have a previously used observation hive for sale. It holds three, medium depth frames, giving space for brood and honey stores. A port that accommodates a mason jar for feeding sugar syrup is at one end of the hive, whereas the other end has a metal plate that can be raised to provide a bee exit directly or connection of a tube for exit via a building window. Frames are placed in the hive by opening the Plexiglas-containing side door with wooden knob. The hive also has a metal handle at the top for carrying to an event and screened ventilation holes on the sides and top. I’ve successfully used an identical observation hive for long-term placement in a school-even over winter-making the daily activities of the bees accessible to children.                                                                       Contact Vincent Aloyo: 610-278-1621. $125.

observation hive