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2019 nucs for sale

For 2019, I will have several kinds of nucs available, each consisting of five medium depth frames, including adult bees, three frames of brood of varied ages (all of which are offspring of your marked queen), as well as frames of pollen and honey.  You will take the nuc home in a waxed cardboard nuc box ($10 deposit), from which you can transfer it to an eight or ten frame medium depth box.

  • Sold out! Overwintered nucs containing a locally raised (PA) 2018 queen, brood, pollen and honey. By definition “survivor” since it will have come through the 2018-2019 winter in PA, the five frame medium nuc has a queen raised from my local survivor stock, the queen mother having survived one to four years in SE PA. These nucs are more expensive due to my work caring for them in late Summer, Fall and Winter.  They will be available as soon as brood rearing is well underway and populations are increasing in spring, which is weather dependent.  These will be the earliest nucs I have available, likely the end of March, at about the same time that packages are available.  However, in contrast to that of a package, the population of a nuc will rapidly increase, whereas the population of a package decreases for the first 4 weeks.  Over wintered nuc $350 each.
  • Sold out! Nucs with 2019 queens from Joseph Redensky (South Florida Bees N Honey, Inc), Boca Raton, FL. Five frame medium nucs with marked Italian queens purchased from South Florida Bees N Honey, Inc. Three frames of her brood, as well as frames of nectar and pollen. Likely availability is early to mid-April. $175
  • Nucs with 2019 Carniolian queens from Hawaiian Queens (Captain Cook, HI) Five frame medium nucs with marked Latshaw Carniolian queens purchased from Hawaiian Queens. ( Three frames of her brood, as well as frames of nectar and pollen. Likely availability is mid May. $165
  • Nucs with locally raised 2019 queens bred from local survivor mothers.  Queen mothers may be of Italian, Carni, VSH or other desirable stock; all queen mothers have survived one to multiple winters here in SE PA. Five frames of bees, three frames of your queen’s brood, as well as frames of nectar and pollen. Likely availability is June-July. $165

See the following sites for a discussion of the pros and cons of starting a colony with a nuc vs a package:

I am PA licensed to sell Queens and Nucleus colonies. As part of this program, my queen rearing apiaries are inspected by the PA Department of Agriculture twice a year, typically at the beginning and end of the active beekeeping season. I use no antibiotics in my beekeeping operations.

To get on the nuc list, go to my web site: I do not take advance deposits, as I cannot guarantee availability in advance.  Requests are honored on a first come, first served basis.  Thank you for your interest! Vincent Aloyo

Vaccine against American Foulbrood?

New research explores a novel approach to transfer immunity from a queen to her offspring, a process that involves vitellogenin.  See some news versions of this work as well as the research publication:


Entomology Today:

And the research publication:

Screened bottom boards for sale

Screened bottom boards increase ventilation and may help with Varroa mite control.   Brand new.

Email or contact via “contact” tab on this web site.$16 each.